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Why our OI Product Line Is A Leader in the Restroom Trailer Industry

Discover Our OI Products:

Our designers have carefully considered every detail in your portable restroom. Our units are designed with user experience in mind. We’ve designed our units with spacious and well-thought out floorplans, but have also spent many hours making sure that the portable restroom operators (PRO) have a hassle-free and simple experience. We know that word-of-mouth is powerful, both for us and for our PROs. Therefore, we do not want to give our operators units that we wouldn’t be proud to rent out or own.




Exterior Features

  • OI’s exterior wall and roof are constructed with 100% aluminum framing and high density foam insulation, and seamless composite exterior and exterior skins. This produces a lightweight, strong structure that won’t rot or warp over time. This type of structure resists moisture, mildew, and mold. The roof frame is constructed with 100% aluminum, high-density foam insulation, and seamless composite exterior and interior skin. This creates a lightweight, watertight structure.
  • Our units are built on an E-coated structural frame, with torsion wheels for a smooth ride. OI has 16″ aluminum wheels with true radial tire that gives the unit more strength and a distinctive look.
  • The OI trailers come with a tongue jack and an adjustable coupler rated at 20,000 lbs. The tongue jack is rated for 7,000 lbs. Our units can be raised and lowered to the height of the hitch on the tow car.
  • OI restroom trailers are equipped with stabilizing jacks at all four corners. These jacks can be used to stabilize our units or you can use the rear jacks with the tongue jack if you want a quicker and easier set-up.
  • The OI waste tanks are made of smooth HDPE 3/8″, and they are the largest in the market. The tank is mounted between the steel sidewalls and front wall of the frame. It can be accessed without having to disassemble the unit.
  • All OI restroom trailers have a gate/pump mounted at the bottom of their waste tanks. This sump, combined with the HDPE smooth surface, will reduce the formation of odors and retard the process of odor development by allowing a cleaner and more complete emptying of your tank.
  • The water connection can be found on the roadside. The garden hose can be used to fill up the fresh water tank, or to hydrate the unit. It eliminates the requirement to enter the Control Room in order to fill up the fresh water tank.
  • The large fresh water drain, located beneath the control room’s door, allows the tank to drain freely and quickly. The drain has been positioned so that the tank can drain directly onto the ground. The drain can be operated without entering the control room.
  • The entry steps are not just steps; they also include large porches that are at the same height as the entrance door. The user can enter and exit the unit without having to find the step when they are coming down, or have to operate the doors while standing on our steps. The steps are also equipped with adjustable feet, full-length railings and multiple attachment points on both sides.
  • The OI restroom trailers have a vacant/occupied indicator on all private rooms to help manage queues and flow.



Interior Features

  • OI believes in creating the most spacious interiors possible while keeping footprints as small as possible. Our floorplans are designed to provide space for both a single user and a family.
  • The OI interior wall is made up of a durable, seamless fiberglass skin permanently bonded to the composite backing. OI walls resist water damage. This feature prevents mold, mildew, and the associated odors.
  • All OI restroom trailers come with seamless commercial flooring, whether it’s patterned linoleum or our standard rubber. The one-piece installation creates an ideal water-tight surface for areas with high traffic. Transit industry loves our floors because of their durability.
  • OI uses PVC trim for all interiors and units. This trim is monochromatic and offers exceptional durability, while also being easy to clean. It can be used for interiors and exteriors.
  • OI restroom trailers come with solid-surface countertops, commercial-grade metered faucets, and molded sinks. This ensures that your vanity and sink work correctly and will maintain a professional look for many years. The countertop opens to the trash can in the cabinet below the sink. The cabinets lock, allowing PROs to store supplies in a safe and easy manner.
  • OI offers water-free urinals, as we use the sink water to flush the urinals. The urinal has a drain trap that helps to reduce odors and doesn’t require a cartridge. OI offers “Waterless” urinals or flush valve urinals as an option.
  • The toilets have an intuitive pedal design. A new flushing system cleans the toilet bowl efficiently while saving water.
  • Each OI unit is equipped with an advanced air conditioning unit to provide guests with a pleasant and comfortable experience. The trailer can be operated with a single 20 Amp electric supply. The temperature is controlled by a sensor in the bathroom and a digital thermostat located in the control room. Standard on all OI air conditioners is a heat strip that can be used to warm up a cold morning or evening. For more extreme climates, an upgrade to a 15k BTU unit and additional heat options is available.

Available Options: Contact LuxLav at (855) 589-5281 for more details and availability.

OI trailers are offered in several trim levels over and above the standard interior. The LuxDriftwood features a cabin-style interior with tan walls, and a barnwood floor. The LuxStonemill features a contemporary look with gray walls, and a tile-like floor. Both interiors can be ordered in 2-tone, with an accent color or chair rail trim. See all of our interior packages at

OI trailers come with an optional AM/FM/CD/USB/AUX Bluetooth Entertainment Package that allows event planners, brides, and guests of honor to wirelessly play music from their mobile devices into the trailer. The ceiling speakers and the exterior speaker can be switched to provide a variety of sound options.

A powered roof vent package is another OI option. Roof vents are a great option for ventilation when air conditioning will not be required. MaxxFan Mini Vents are not only low-profile, but also have a cover that allows them to be opened in the rain.

OI offers an upgrade to the standard battery with a marine-grade deep cycle battery. This battery engages the brakes in the event that the trailer is disconnected from the vehicle. It also serves as a backup power source during the setup and dismantling of the unit. This option includes a 7-way electrical plug, a battery-cut-off switch, and a charging line.

We know that our trailers will perform for your every need and last many years.  Contact LuxLav for more details.

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