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Elevate Your Property with Quality Restroom Trailers for Sale in Texas

Do you need a versatile portable restroom solution for your home or business? LuxLav facilities are the perfect answer. They prove indispensable for homes undergoing renovations or grappling with water access, especially during hot, dry summers.




Ask us about our Sanitation Pods that can be configured to changing rooms, restrooms, showers and more.

Quality & Convenient Trailers

Texas Portable Restroom Trailers

Since 2007, LuxLav has been dedicated to the unique needs of our Texas clients. Our range of portable restroom trailers for sale in Texas is a testament to our products’ quality and convenience. Whether for your rental business, home, or business establishment, these upscale trailers promise an investment worth your money. We also ensure you get your products when expected, with quick shipments and seamless delivery. Get access to your restroom trailers fast when you trust LuxLav.

Texas Landscape

Serving Texas Clients Since 2007

Quality & Convenient Trailers

Texas is a large state with diverse landscapes and climates. Our portable restroom trailers for sale in Texas blend functionality with a touch of permanence. Whether for your residence or business, these trailers offer climate-controlled comfort to keep users cool and safe in the scorching Texas summers. And when cooler weather sets in, the heated interiors provide a cozy retreat for guests, employees, and loved ones alike!

Easy Setup & Versatile Usage

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Current Restroom Trailer Inventory


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Multiple Models
Overall Height:
Box Length:
11' or 12'- 6"
Box Width:
6' - 2" or 7' - 2"

practical solution for any situation

Tailored Restroom Solutions for Every Space

Do you need a versatile portable restroom solution for your home or business? LuxLav facilities are the perfect answer. They prove indispensable for homes undergoing renovations or grappling with water access, especially during hot, dry summers. Businesses also find LuxLav trailers invaluable for outdoor events, corporate gatherings, or when permanent restrooms are temporarily unavailable. Our trailers are not just a purchase. They are a practical solution for any situation.

Unfortunately, Texas is no stranger to natural disasters. When devastating storms invade your area, LuxLav trailers stand ready for immediate deployment. With various styles and sizes, our portable restroom solutions provide vital sanitation solutions to those in need, offering a sense of preparedness and security in the face of adversity.

Texas Trailer 01

Are you curious how our portable trailers offer adaptable restroom solutions for your Texas home or business?

Contact our dedicated Texas restroom trailer sales specialists for further details. You can also fill out the form on our contact page, and we’ll get in touch soon.

Texas Solutions

LuxLav Restroom Trailers Texas are Available and Ready for TX Delivery

In the vast state of Texas, rugged landscapes meet bustling cityscapes. The Lone State State offers unique charm and dynamic environments with diverse cultures and climates.

At LuxLav, we recognize the distinct challenges of Texas’ varied geography and weather patterns regarding sanitation solutions. Our sales team is well-versed in the unique challenges of the Texan terrain. We offer tailored advice on which trailer designs and features best suit different applications throughout the state.

Maintaining a stocked inventory of portable restroom trailers is essential, especially given Texas’ unpredictable nature. The immediate availability of these facilities ensures a swift response to sanitation needs, whether facing extreme weather phenomena or a sudden population surge. Avoid potential health crises and maintain uninterrupted business operations with a portable restroom solution from LuxLav.

Whether your business operates in the hustle and bustle of urban centers or you need a portable solution in the expansive Texan rural landscapes, having our trailers readily accessible allows you to adapt to evolving circumstances seamlessly. From bustling Texan metropolises to remote countryside locales, LuxLav prioritizes the availability of our trailers to provide timely and effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us today to explore how our products can meet your needs and bring you the right solutions in the diverse Texas landscape. Whether you’re looking for rentals to support your business endeavors or temporary setups for entertainment ventures, we’re here to guide you in choosing the perfect solution to make your patrons feel right at home.

Find the Perfect Portable Restroom Solution for Sale in Texas! From Luxury Restrooms Houston to Luxury Portable Restrooms San Antonio, LuxLav Has What You Need.

At LuxLav, we’re here to support your needs. Whether you’re looking for upscale portable restrooms in Houston or climate-controlled luxury mobile restrooms in Dallas, we have a wide variety of products to serve Texas clients across the Lone Star state.

Managing your business in Texas presents both opportunities and obstacles. Our expertise shines when you entrust us with finding the perfect restroom trailer for sale in Texas. Our dedication to health, hygiene, and customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Our extensive inventory of trailers is readily available, ranging from ADA-compliant restroom trailers to spacious 10-stall restroom and shower trailers. Plus, our products are always ready for immediate shipment. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and secure your ideal trailer now!

Adaptable, Exceptional, & Economical

Exploring Business Opportunities with Portable Restroom Trailers in Texas

Texas offers a dynamic backdrop for business ventures with its unique blend of coastal plains, rugged terrain, and bustling urban centers. Selecting the ideal location for your business is the first step in launching a successful venture in the Lone Star State. As the second-largest state in the U.S., Texas brings unique business opportunities tailored to various interests.

From the sprawling vineyards of Hill Country to the fantastic energy of Houston and the tranquil charm of San Antonio, there’s a niche for nearly every opportunity to thrive across Texas. Once you’ve established your business, it’s time to focus on all the details that make your operations successful. This is where LuxLav helps with the minor details that make a big difference.

Our luxury portable restroom solutions surpass customer expectations in both quality and efficiency. Residents and visitors expect sophistication, durability, and longevity from a luxury portable restroom, especially with businesses in busy cities like Houston and San Antonio.

Investing in a portable restroom trailer brings a multitude of business prospects along with it. From the flourishing event planning sector to outdoor weddings, festivals, and corporate gatherings, our customers demand top-tier sanitation solutions. Even construction sites handling renovations or lacking facilities create the perfect opportunity for rental services.

These trailers serve as indispensable assets in areas susceptible to natural disasters. We offer immediate sanitation relief during your disaster cleanup efforts. Furthermore, the growing trend of eco-tourism and remote camping provides an opportunity to elevate guest experiences with modern restroom trailer amenities in secluded locations. Catering to the needs of film and TV production sites also taps into the recurring demand for on-location amenities in the entertainment industry.

LuvLav offers a diverse range of trailers from select manufacturers. Our products are meticulously vetted for quality and reliability. With years of industry experience spanning trailer sales and operation, our expertise ensures you select the finest luxury portable restroom solutions. Contact us today to find the best luxury restroom trailer solution tailored to the preferences of all Texas customers.

Mobile Shower Trailers for Sale in Texas

Experience Excellence with LuxLav’s Restroom Trailers for Sale in Texas

Welcome to LuxLav, the premier provider of portable restroom trailers in Texas. We are proud to be the best mobile shower trailer provider in Lone Star State, crafting portable products tailored specifically for Texas. Our offerings meet the unique demands and standards of patrons seeking restroom trailers for sale in Texas. We exclusively collaborate with the more reputable US manufacturers to address your client’s requirements for durability, convenience, maintenance, and sophistication. As a trusted business in the sanitation industry, we continually refine our products to bring you the highest quality options.
Since 2007, our journey in the portable restroom business has developed from wanting to offer more options for businesses like yours. For us, “portable” goes beyond mobility–it signifies the value we offer clients with every product we sell. We ensure top-notch quality at competitive prices, bringing you the most return on your investment. Portable restroom trailer quality means more than simply finding a convenient option. At LuxLav, we prioritize health, safety, and professional ethics. Sanitation is our paramount concern, with high-quality restrooms that uphold strict hygiene standards to safeguard user well-being against potential health hazards from contaminants.




Our premium mobile restrooms epitomize professionalism, conveying that you respect and value your clients and guests. Especially for significant events or business operations, our restroom facilities mirror the significance of every occasion they serve.

LuxLav restroom trailers are engineered to withstand Texas’ diverse weather conditions and high usage rates, ensuring durability and dependability. With LuxLav, excellence goes beyond aesthetics and comfort. We offer superior user well-being and service reliability.

Why settle for anything less than the best for your Texas business, versatility for your guests, and sophistication for your property? With our diverse styles, designs, and sizes, a mobile restroom solution is tailored to every need. When looking for the perfect restroom trailer for sale in Texas, look no further than LuxLav. We epitomize excellence in the industry and bring the ultimate satisfaction to every client we serve.

Some Reasons Why Businesses Use Our Commercial Trailers

Contact us today to discuss the many finishes and amenities our portable restroom trailers California offer.

California Events and Festivals

Events and Festivals

Offering access to clean and convenient restroom facilities for attendees at outdoor gatherings.

California Construction SitesCalifornia Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Bringing workers essential sanitary amenities throughout the project, particularly in areas lacking permanent restroom infrastructure.

California Emergency and Disaster Relief

Emergency and Disaster Relief

Giving prompt sanitation solutions in regions affected by natural disasters or other emergencies.

California Temporary Office SpacesCalifornia Temporary Office Spaces

Temporary Office Spaces

Serving staff in transitional work environments during office renovations or relocations.

California Agricultural OperationsCalifornia Agricultural Operations

Agricultural Operations

Serving workers in fields, orchards, or remote agricultural settings with necessary restroom facilities.

California Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Accommodating spectators and athletes at outdoor sports venues with comfortable restroom amenities.

California Corporate Functions

Corporate Functions

Enhancing outdoor corporate events, retreats, or team-building activities with premium restroom solutions.

California Films and TV ProductionCalifornia Films and TV Production

Films and TV Production

Bringing cast and crew a convenient restroom facility during on-location shoots.

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Build a Business with Restroom Trailers in Texas

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Unlocking Business Growth in the Lone Star State

The sanitation industry presents various business opportunities, regardless of your location. Our selection of portable restrooms in Texas promises an experience your visitors will appreciate and remember for their future needs.

With LuxLav, our products boast versatility across various domains. Whether you’re a park ranger overseeing trails like the Guadalupe Peak or a Texan entrepreneur hosting local celebrities in Austin, our portable restroom solutions cater to diverse needs. From construction firms seeking ADA-compliant trailers for multiple job sites to agricultural operations requiring additional facilities for seasonal workers, the opportunities with our portable restrooms are limitless.

LuxOPT Interior Finish 01

Texas Restroom Trailers: Elevating Experiences

No matter how you use your portable restroom trailer, LuxLav recognizes the importance of offering luxurious portable restrooms that leave a lasting impression. Providing a VIP restroom experience to your employees or guests is a pivotal decision, and our trailers will surpass your expectations. With LuxLav products, you’ll add substantial value to your business.

LuxOPT Interior Finish 06

Ensuring Comfort in Every Season

Although Texas experiences relatively mild weather, the occasional winter chill requires you to consider customer comfort year-round. Our cold season package ensures that restroom trailers have the necessary climate control features to keep patrons comfortable during colder months and lower temperatures during scorching summers. Investing in luxury portable restrooms with LuxLav will create memorable experiences of comfort at every event.

LuxOPT Interior Finish 04

A Resourceful Addition to Any Business

A luxury mobile restroom that reflects your pride in your business is a valuable asset, enhancing the experience for everyone involved. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements or niche, and let us assist you in selecting the perfect trailer. Whatever type of business you have, we have the restroom trailers you need to cater to your guests and staff.

Sustainable Restroom Solutions

Exploring Residential Options for Portable Restroom Trailers in Texas

Our lineup of restroom trailers isn’t just tailored to Texas business owners. Texas homeowners love that our solutions are crafted to align with their property needs. Our eco-conscious focus makes these products an even bigger hit with our residential clients in Texas. Each portable restroom is equipped with water-saving flushable toilets and waterless urinals. It’s part of our commitment to sustainable practices. Hand dryers offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper towels, while solar-powered options further reduce environmental impact.


Inclusivity is also paramount in today’s market.

Ensuring employees, clients, and visitors have access to the necessary facilities is essential. Our complete fleet of ADA-compliant restroom trailers prioritizes accessibility without compromising design aesthetics.

Specifically engineered to meet the standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, these trailers feature wider doorways, spacious interiors for wheelchair maneuverability, grab bars, and ramps. They cater to the diverse needs of individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring that all guests are accommodated with dignity and respect, regardless of their capabilities.

Craftsmanship, Style, and Sophistication

LuxLav: Premier Supplier of Restroom Trailers in Texas

At LuxLav, we take pride in being the foremost supplier of residential restroom trailers in Texas. Our reputation is built on a deep understanding of craftsmanship, style, and sophistication. Elegance should never be compromised, even in temporary portable toilet solutions. Whether you require outdoor facilities or not, we strive to leave a lasting impression on Texas homeowners, guests, and users alike.

Ready to elevate comfort and convenience for your events or personal requirements? Contact us today to experience unparalleled service and access to quality amenities tailored to your home’s unique needs.

Common Uses for Residential Portable Restroom Trailers in Texas

Offering homeowners alternate restroom facilities when their primary bathrooms are under construction.

Providing outdoor facilities for guests during backyard weddings, reunions, or large parties.

Creating convenient restroom access for swimmers allows you to have gatherings without wet foot traffic inside your home.

Serving large crowds during open houses or home estate sales.

Providing a backup facility during plumbing failures or other home-related emergencies.

Give guests comfort and convenience during large family gatherings and holidays.

Helping you support your clientele during outdoor sales, workshops, retreats, and other business-related activities you host at home.

Available and Ready To Go

LuxLav: Your Source for Prompt Delivery of Portable Restrooms in Texas

Our extensive inventory and strong manufacturer partnerships give you access to various mobile restrooms, shower trailers, and ADA-compliant facilities. We boast a range of new restroom options readily available for immediate delivery. Just a quick call and we’ll be at your service, ready to deliver to your Texas home or business.

Contact us for all your portable restroom requirements, whether commercial, business, or residential. Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of every client. We’ll ensure you receive a portable trailer customized to your specific event or project.

Backed by a reputation of dependability and superior service, we offer over 15 years of dedicated service. We deliver high-quality amenities that prioritize both comfort and functionality. Our restroom trailers easily integrate into any environment, whether for classy corporate affairs or cozy backyard get-togethers. Let us help you enhance your guests’ experience and guarantee sanitization without compromising luxury or convenience.

Contact us today to explore your options and create a secure, comfortable facility for your home or business.

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