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Stationary vs Mobile Restroom Trailers: A Comparison of Pros, Cons and Situational Fit

stationary-mobile-trailers 1.0Luxury restroom trailers have become an increasingly popular way to provide upscale, convenient facilities at all events, from glitzy weddings to massive concerts and festivals that can see thousands of attendees. Choosing the proper restroom trailer setup for an event is critical to keeping guests comfortable and happy.

The two main options for restroom trailer facilities are stationary and mobile trailers. Stationary trailers are delivered to a site and connected to utility hookups like water and sewer lines. This allows them to operate like permanent restrooms. Mobile trailers are self-contained units with fresh water supply and waste tanks onboard.

Both stationary and mobile trailer setups have pros and cons for cost, convenience, maintenance, and functionality. There is no universally “superior” option – the best choice depends heavily on the event’s size, attendee needs, location restrictions, budget, and more. A trailer that works flawlessly for an intimate winery wedding may be impractical for a bustling county fair.

This article will explore the key differences between stationary and mobile luxury restroom trailers. It will compare their costs, capabilities, operational considerations, and real-world examples of the best setup for common event types. The goal is to help readers understand the fundamental tradeoffs involved so they can make well-informed decisions about selecting the optimum restroom trailer configuration for their unique needs and circumstances.


Cost Comparison


The total cost of each restroom trailer option is one of the most important factors influencing whether a stationary or mobile setup is the best choice for an event. There are several expense categories to analyze when comparing price tags:


Upfront Purchase Costs


Purchasing restroom trailers outright brings sizeable upfront capital costs. High-end stationary trailers customized for luxury events can cost $100K. Basic portable restroom trailers start around $30K. Stationary trailers generally have a higher purchase price because of the expense of utility infrastructure for freshwater holding tanks, drain lines, etc.


Transportation and Delivery


Transporting restroom trailers to an event site also incurs costs. These include trucking fees, possible special permitting, police escorts for oversize loads, etc. Stationary trailers require extensive labor for delivery prep, such as stabilizing, leveling, and skirting. Portable trailers can be hitched and towed. Broad delivery region access also affects pricing.


Utility Hookup Charges


Hooking stationary trailers into existing water/sewer utilities often brings extra fees. Plumbers may need to run pipe extensions. Wastewater dumping and transport grow costly for more extended events. Mobile trailers avoid these utility connection costs.


Impact on Purchase Value and Return on Investment


The expenses associated with manufacturing, customizing, and servicing luxury restroom trailers all impact how companies like LuxLav price them when selling them to end customers.

More elaborate stationary trailers that require substantial upfront investments in utility infrastructure, custom finishes, and large-scale construction typically command higher purchase costs. However, they may achieve a better return on investment in the long run by servicing very high visitor volumes at regularly operating venues. The increased capacities and visual impact also enable strong branding and sponsorship opportunities to help offset costs.

Portable luxury restroom trailers have lower build costs thanks to more straightforward modular construction and self-containment. This allows trailer manufacturers to offer them at more budget-friendly prices to increase affordability. Buyers can recoup their capital expenditure faster thanks to lower initial outlay. However, maximum occupants and visual customization possibilities are more limited.

Carefully projecting the total lifetime value versus acquisition costs of luxury restroom trailers based on expected usage helps determine potential ROI. While mobile trailers require less upfront investment, customizable stationary configurations may better retain value and generate more significant long-term revenue.


Convenience Factor


Beyond just dollars and cents, stationary and mobile trailer configurations differ significantly in the convenience they provide during events. Key areas where convenience factors into the decision-making process include:


Ease of Delivery and Pickup


Stationary trailers require extensive pre-planning and coordination for delivery to a site before an event starts. Specialized trucks transport oversized loads, then level and stabilize the trailer. Multi-point utility connections must be established. All this takes significant time and labor. Tear down follows the same complicated protocol post-event.

In contrast, mobile restroom trailers can be hitched to a standard heavy-duty truck and towed in. Units are already self-contained and ready to use upon arrival. Post-event pickup is similarly simple, fast, and minimally disruptive.


Flexibility for Event Layouts


Finding a room accommodating stationary restroom trailers may impose layout restrictions for events. The trailers must be near existing utilities to tap into. This constrains options for situating food vendors, stages, activity areas, etc. Mobile trailers have far more placement flexibility since they don’t rely on external hookups.


Hassle of Utility Connections


Tying into water lines, sewage drains, etc, creates logistical hurdles for stationary trailers at many venues. Permits may be needed for contractors to work. On-site waste tank pumping might interfere with the guest experience. Mobile trailers entirely circumvent this hassle since utilities are fully onboard and self-contained.

Clearly, for simplicity, temporary events greatly benefit from going mobile when luxury restroom trailers are required. The all-in-one portability brings tremendous convenience compared to stationary units demanding extensive infrastructure.


Luxury Features


Luxury restroom trailers cater to upscale events where attendee comfort and facilities are paramount. Whether a trailer is stationary or mobile impacts what high-end customizations and amenities can be offered. Key considerations around luxury features include:


Customization Options


Stationary trailers allow virtually unlimited custom outfitting since they interface with continuous utilities. Spacious units can be divided into multiple separate lavish restrooms. Features like cherry wood finishes, granite counters, decorative tiles, and vanity lighting push the boundaries of imagination.

Mobile trailers have more modest customization potential since all functionality must fit within a towable footprint. Still, they can include nice touches like solid surface vanities, designer faucets, accent walls, and practical features like holding tanks and generators.


Available Amenities


Hooking into robust water and electricity allows stationary trailers to provide exceptional restroom amenities that most mobile trailers cannot match. These include multiple private showers, touchless faucets, HVAC systems, sound systems, etc., all requiring abundant utilities.


Trailer Size and Capacity


Stationary trailers have the highest absolute capacity since they are only limited by the site footprint available. 10+ separate toilet or urinal stations and added sinks/showers suit even huge events. Mobile trailers max out at around 7-8 stations to stay manageable for reasonable towing.

The most prestigious luxury restroom trailers leverage stationary setups to create genuinely one-of-a-kind lavish temporary restroom facilities rivaling mini-mansions. But many more straightforward mobile trailers still elevate the experience beyond basic portable toilets.



Maintenance Requirements


Keeping luxury restroom trailers fully functional and presentable during events requires ongoing maintenance vigilance. The movable nature of mobile units creates some unique servicing challenges compared to stationary trailers. Key maintenance considerations include:


Cleaning Needs


All restroom trailers need staff to clean toilets, sinks, and floors periodically and replenish supplies like soap and paper products. Stationary units offer storage for more backup supplies right in the trailer. Mobile units are restocked from separate supply vehicles. Wastewater tanks on portables require pumping if they become full during more extended events.


Damage Repairs


The posh finishes of luxury restroom trailers make rapid damage response critical. Stationary trailers only see tenant wear and tear. But mobile units can suffer minor exterior scrapes or scratches in transit, requiring touch-up painting between events. Interior fixes for leaks, broken fixtures, etc, are similar for both trailer types.


Storage Considerations


Stationary trailers remain at fixed event venues between rentals, requiring minimal storage precautions beyond the winterization of systems. But mobile units must be kept in secure areas to prevent theft and properly winterized with antifreeze when not in use during cold months. Owning a trailer interior that is clean long-term can also be challenging.

While stationary luxury restroom trailers see heavier tenant usage, mobile trailers experience more variability, needing flexible ongoing maintenance coordination. Having qualified service staff available 24/7 ensures that either setup remains presentable.


Conclusion and Recommendations for Luxury Restroom Trailer Purchases


Deciding whether portable trailers or permanently installed luxury restroom trailers make the most sense involves factoring the total cost of ownership against expected usage demand. Understanding fundamental tradeoffs around convenience, construction, capacity, and lifespan value makes informed buying choices possible.


Summary of Primary Purchase Considerations


Stationary trailers allow almost unlimited custom lavish builds but restrict layout flexibility and involve significant initial installation efforts.

Mobile trailers simplify placement logistics with drop-in convenience, limiting custom bling and peak occupancy possibilities.

Both options can elevate beyond basic porta potties if infrastructure, transportation, and usage demand align with budgets.


Guidance Based on Ownership Timeframes


Long-term fixed installations at venues hosting widespread high-volume events over 5+ years warrant investing in customized stationary luxury trailers. These maximize branding, theming, capacity, and sponsored asset value, translating to solid ROI. For help, you can view our ROI calculator.

Shorter ownership terms under five years for variable lower-traffic situations may achieve better cost efficiencies from more uncomplicated customizable mobile restroom trailers. Their resale value also holds up well.

Critically examine projected luxury restroom trailer usage patterns, populations served, venue setup constraints, and budget when deciding between mobile and stationary configurations to purchase. Only spend on needlessly glamorous stationary capacity with guaranteed demand. However, mobile limitations should also be recognized if high visitor volumes are expected.


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