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Securing Luxury & Safety: Portable Restroom Trailer Theft Prevention Guide

Portable Restroom Trailer Sanitation sites aren’t typically associated with luxury, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t have access to clean, comfortable restroom facilities. LuxLav offers high-end portable restroom trailers designed for private and commercial job sites. With features like various countertops, wood laminate flooring, and full HVAC systems, LuxLav trailers provide a little touch of luxury for everyone on your crew.

Of course, restroom trailer investments come with risks, especially when it comes to theft. Construction equipment theft is rampant, with nearly 1,000 pieces of equipment stolen every month, according to the National Crime Information Center. Losses range from $300 million to over $1 billion per year by some estimates. That’s why protecting your assets should be a top priority.

This article will outline expert-recommended tips to prevent restroom trailer theft. We’ll also discuss working with insurance providers that offer incentives to boost security. Protecting your investment starts with prevention. By taking a proactive approach, you can help deter costly theft incidents. Most importantly, keep your clientele happy by contacting LuxLav to add a luxury restroom trailer to your next commercial site. The productivity and morale boost is worth it!

The key to protecting your assets from restroom trailer theft is utilizing multiple strategies to deter potential criminals. GPS tracking, physical locks, security cameras, and proper lighting serve as the first line of defense. However, securing the perimeter of your site should go hand-in-hand with building relationships in the community.

Top Tips to Thwart Theft

GPS Tracking Offers Real-Time Alerts

Equipping your LuxLav restroom trailer with a reliable GPS tracking system provides notifications when a trailer leaves your geo-fenced perimeter. You can contact authorities right away before the thieves get far. Just the presence of a tracking device may be enough to deter criminals from targeting your asset.

Immobilize Trailers When Not in Use

Wheel boot locks physically disable trailer tires, making theft nearly impossible unless the criminal has heavy equipment to lift the entire trailer. Hitch locks prevent easy towing as well. Installing hidden kill switches is another smart tactic. LuxLav recommends trailers use standard tongue locks for a simple deterrent, but adding other immobilizers boosts security.

Control Site Access With Lighting and Credentials

Perimeter security lighting is essential for any construction site, especially where restroom trailers are parked at night. Strategically placed motion-activated floodlights deter trespassers while also ensuring visibility on ramps and stairs of the luxury trailers. Credentials help control overall access as well by distinguishing authorized workers from potential thieves.

Develop Relationships With Law Enforcement

In addition to physical barriers, keeping open communication with local police goes a long way in restroom trailer security. Provide cops with trailer descriptions, license plate and VIN numbers, storage locations, and emergency contacts. Consider joining local business groups where authorities give regular crime updates. The more familiar officers are with your assets, the better.

Insure Your Investment Appropriately

Despite all preventative measures, restroom trailer theft still occurs. That’s why proper insurance coverage is crucial. All LuxLav models should have a baseline $80-100 thousand protection for the trailer itself and liability coverage. Discuss extra theft deterrence incentives that may be available as well to minimize out-of-pocket costs. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Securing your portable restroom investment involves both proactive barriers and contingency planning. LuxLav prioritizes the safety of your crew and assets. Contact us today to explore your custom trailer options while keeping security in mind.

Utilize Security Cameras and Alarms

Security cameras provide 24/7 surveillance of restroom trailers and are one of the most effective theft deterrents. Strategically installed cameras with night vision capabilities can capture license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, and suspect descriptions even in low light. They also help authorities track culprits’ movements leading up to and after attempted theft. Moreover, live feed cameras allow fast response time.

Alarms offer another line of defense, especially helpful for areas security cameras don’t cover. Motion-detecting alarms installed both inside restroom trailers and around external doors alert owners to trespassers trying to gain entry and scare them away in real-time. Audible alarms also signal employees nearby to inspect trailers.

Inspect and Maintain Trailers Frequently

While theft prevention focuses primarily on outside security barriers, don’t overlook basic trailer maintenance that also makes assets less vulnerable. Carry out regular unit inspections to verify tongue locks, wheel boots, and hitch locks remain intact. Identify any quick repair needs. Well-maintained trailers have fewer universal keys that work. Keep everything tightly sealed.

Of course, the luxurious nature of LuxLav’s restroom trailers requires constant upkeep. But making sure the door handles latch properly, deadbolts fully extend, and all stay locked also enhances security. Reinforce framing around entry points if sagging or loose. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way.

Be Especially Vigilant Around Holidays

While restroom trailer security should remain a top priority year-round, research indicates thefts spike leading up to major national holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. With active construction sites shut down for a few days straight in some cases, thieves take advantage of extended unsupervised periods. They know it may take days before owners realize equipment is missing upon returning from a long break.

LuxLav recommends moving high-end trailers to secure yards before holidays and installing motion-activated security lights with cameras to capture footage during unstaffed periods. Disable trailer relocation capabilities also through booted tire clamps and detached hitches. Check sites daily, if possible, even when not working, and notify police departments of the heightened periods of risk around 3-day weekends.

Natural Disasters Also Pose Major Threats

While human theft targets monetary assets, Mother Nature shows no preference for her destruction. From wildfires and tropical storms to flash floods and extreme wind events, natural catastrophes threaten sites nationwide yearly, costing billions in direct losses. But these common natural disasters now go hand-in-hand with rising insurance rates and bigger revenue hits — especially for portable restroom trailers often parked outdoors.

LuxLav reminds owners that comprehensive trailer insurance and the strongest structural engineering provide the best defenses against tornados, flooding, fires sweeping sites, and storms toppling structures. Added anchoring, stabilized roofing, and weatherproof exteriors all help as well. When sites close due to incoming weather systems, move trailers to the safest designated locations possible and have an emergency plan ready for activation.

Partner With Insurance Providers

Even the most security-conscious restroom trailer owners still need comprehensive insurance protection in case theft does occur. LuxLav recommends finding providers experienced specifically in the portable sanitation industry. They understand risk exposures and equipment values better. Plus, many leading insurers now offer policy discounts and deductible waivers to customers with theft deterrence systems like GPS tracking.

At a minimum, LuxLav advises the following core coverages:

  • General liability insurance to cover accidents, property damage, etc.
  • Commercial auto insurance for service vehicles and damage during transport
  • Inland marine insurance for protecting the trailer itself against physical losses

When speaking to agents, inquire about additional rider policies for further protection. Just confirm theft prevention steps you’ve already implemented on sites, as these can reduce premiums. The higher coverage amounts you carry and lower deductibles, the less financial liability you have if a break-in happens.

Partnering with the right insurance provider ensures your LuxLav investment stays protected on all fronts — both through proactive security and contingency planning. Two big insurance providers in portable sanitation are Heffernan Insurance Brokers and Tangram.   Don’t leave anything to chance. The time is now to secure your restroom trailer assets inside and out!

Protect Your Crew in Luxury

Construction equipment and restroom trailer theft result in a staggering billion dollars in losses per year. With portable assets especially vulnerable at commercial sites, owners must take proactive precautions combined with thorough insurance to secure their investments. LuxLav prioritizes both theft deterrence and luxury accommodations for your team.

By installing GPS tracking systems, immobilizing hitch locks, credentialing workers, and strengthening perimeter fencing, you create the first line of defense. Partnering with experienced insurance agents provides another layer of financial protection while opening doors for premium incentives for better site security. Remember also to nurture relationships in your community and with local law enforcement.

Don’t let asset protection hinder worker comfort and accessibility either. LuxLav trailers boast gorgeous interiors, full climate control, and the comforts of home for everyone, even while working long hours outdoors. Taking a proactive and holistic approach is key — integrate total site security with restroom trailer upkeep while giving your clients added luxury.

Ready to upgrade to LuxLav? Contact us today to explore your options while keeping theft prevention as a top priority. Protecting your bottom line and pursuing success go hand-in-hand with the right portable sanitation partner. At LuxLav, we don’t stop serving after the sale; we are here for all your needs as years go by and your business grows. We look forward to working together!

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