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Arkansas Restroom Trailer Rentals

Add a touch of sophistication to your next event with a LuxLav portable restroom trailer rental





Learn More About Our High-Quality Restroom Trailers for Rent in Arkansas

When hosting events or offering restroom amenities to your guests, LuxLav portable restrooms are an absolute game-changer. Our state-of-the-art facilities bring you a level of comfort that surpasses traditional portable toilets and adds an elegance you wouldn’t expect from portable restrooms. With their upscale designs, our portable restroom trailers for rent elevate the restroom experience for any event or occasion.

Customers always say how amazed they are with our trailers

Imagine entering a restroom trailer expecting a tight, dark space only to be greeted by a spacious, well-lit interior adorned with tasteful decor and a pleasant odor. Our portable trailers are temperature-controlled, offering heating and air conditioning to keep you comfortable year-round. The soft lighting brings an ambiance that suits wedding events, concerts, fundraisers, and more!

Not Sure How Many Toilets You Will Need for Your Event?

Call the LuxLav experts to discuss your needs and give you advice on how many restroom stations that you would for your event or anticipated use.

Call (706) 840-7345 to get your free portable restroom estimate. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and address any concerns that you may have. We look forward working with you!

Available Rental Restroom Trailers

Luxury and Cleanliness available for rent in arkansas
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Experience a Luxurious Mobile Bathroom Trailer with Luxlav Bathroom Trailer Rentals

At LuxLav, we prioritize hygiene. Since cleanliness is a significant factor in creating a luxurious mobile bathroom trailer, our trailers are equipped with modern sanitation systems. Some of our trailers offer amenities like hand dryers, hand sanitizer dispensers, and toiletries for an added touch of luxury. We do whatever it takes to ensure a fresh and pleasant environment for your guests, employees, and clients.

Versatility is another advantage of choosing LuxLav. Our trailers are created to be transported easily. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding, an upscale music festival, or a corporate gathering, you can easily move your trailer to any event location. With various sizes and configurations, our mobile restrooms are equipped to handle any size event. We even offer separate sections for men and women to ensure efficient and convenient use.

Contact us today to create a lasting impression by offering your guests a luxurious restroom experience with our rentals.

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Attention to Detail and Dedicated to Quality

We Are BBB Accredited Business

If you have an event in Arkansas, give us a call. Our restrooms are sure to enhance the overall restroom experience for your guests, relaying the message that you pay close attention to detail and are an event host dedicated to quality. Add a touch of sophistication and ensure your guests feel valued with a LuxLav portable restroom trailer rental.

Our trailers are also equipped with premium features, including:

Discover Our arkansas Bathroom Trailer Rental Services

Upgrade Your Next Arkansas Outdoor Event with Luxury & Convenience

A portable restroom is essential when hosting festivals, concerts, and other outdoor events! You want to provide your attendees with a clean and comfortable restroom facility to ensure they have a great experience. That’s where LuxLav is here to help! Our bathroom trailer rentals offer the perfect solution for your restroom needs.

We’ve combined convenience, functionality, and a touch of class to bring you to the next level of portable restroom solutions. Our trailers are designed to deliver a premium restroom experience that goes above and beyond, exceeding your attendees’ expectations and bringing an added level of comfort to your festival experience.

One of the primary advantages of our portable restroom solutions is their ability to accommodate many festival and outdoor event-goers. Our trailers come in many sizes, with various configurations to fit your required space and accommodate your guests. Our larger trailers come with multiple stalls and amenities, making them efficient for various uses and larger crowds.

Create an Elevated Restroom Experience with Our Portable Restrooms Trailers

The spacious interiors of all our facilities are well-designed to make the most out of your restroom space. Multiple configuration options ensure comfortable navigation throughout your facilities so your guests don’t feel crowded. We even offer shower trailer rentals with added amenities for multi-day events!

Depending on the type of outdoor event or festival you’re hosting, we offer options with high-end features and fixtures to truly set you apart. Every detail of our trailers is carefully crafted to guarantee an exceptional experience, from flushable toilets and running water to stylish fixtures and elegant decor. Many of our trailers offer additional amenities such as air conditioning, heating, music systems, showers, and more!

Modern Sanitation Systems

At LuxLav, we understand that cleanliness is paramount in festival environments. With all those attendees, you need a luxury restroom trailer that prioritizes hygiene. Our trailers are equipped with modern sanitation systems and are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure they remain fresh and hygienic for your event.

Designed for mobility and easy setup, our trailers can be conveniently transported to your festival site and set up quickly. This hassle-free, efficient solution offers the flexibility our clients love, making them an ideal choice for any outdoor event in any location.

Contact us today to learn more about our restroom trailers for rent. Whether it’s a music festival, cultural event, craft fair, or art exhibition, our portable restrooms offer your festival-goers the comfort and convenience they expect from a quality festival experience.

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ARKANSAS Construction Site RENTALS


Larger construction projects require adequate restroom facilities for several reasons.

Not only are they needed in many cases, but they also boost the employee morale for workers dedicating long hours to challenging work. This is where our bathroom trailer rental options come into play, combining functionality with comfort and convenience. Our portable restrooms are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of construction projects, ensuring your workers have access to clean and comfortable facilities throughout your project.

At LuxLav, we exceed the standard portable toilets typically seen on construction sites to bring your employees a more comfortable restroom environment. Our trailers offer a range of high-end features and amenities that elevate the restroom experience for your workers, from flushable toilets and running water sinks to spacious interiors and shower stalls. Your construction team can take a break and freshen up in a sanitary, pleasant environment that boosts morale and productivity.

We understand the restroom demands of construction sites. While prioritizing hygiene and sanitation, we also deliver durable materials that can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions. With added features like anti-slip flooring and heavy-duty construction, our restrooms prioritize safety, reliability, and cleanliness. The mobility and versatility also allow you to easily transport your investment from one job site to the next.

Promote worker satisfaction and well-being and create a positive and professional work environment with LuxLav! Whether you need a traditional restroom or a shower trailer rental, we help you provide workers with a comfortable and convenient restroom experience. Whether it’s a large-scale construction project or a small renovation job, we’re here to contribute to your business’s success. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Unmatched Convenience and Premium Comfort

Arkansas Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals Are Perfect The Big Game!

When it comes to sports and tailgating events, the atmosphere couldn’t be filled with more excitement! The camaraderie is unmatched: super fans coming together, friends catching up, and player families basking in pride. Then, someone needs to use the restroom, and panic sets in! Not when LuxLav is involved.

Take your sports event to the next level, as organizers and attendees can benefit from your restroom trailer rental. Our upscale, well-stacked, high-quality restroom trailers bring a touch of luxury and convenience that enhances the overall event experience. These trailers offer a range of amenities and features for sports games and tailgating, providing a comfortable and clean environment for attendees to freshen up throughout your event.

With spacious interiors, running water, flushable toilets, and climate control, you can create a more pleasant and comfortable restroom for any clientele in any location. Our trailer rentals accommodate a significant number of people, with multiple stalls and sinks equipped to handle larger capacities. Minimize wait times and reduce long lines, allowing your attendees to spend more time at the game and socializing with other fans.

When choosing LuxLav, sports game organizers and tailgating enthusiasts ensure attendees have access to clean, quality restrooms that elevate the overall experience of your event. Leave a lasting impression on your event attendees and contact us today for a rental. Whether it’s a football game, tennis match, or lacrosse jamboree, we’re here to help you bring added comfort and convenience to the experience.

We also design our portable restrooms with aesthetics in mind. Our attractive interiors are tastefully designed to enhance your tailgating event. If you really want to take it to the next level, all bathroom trailer rentals can be customized to match the theme or branding of your event. Since they can also be easily transported from one location to the next and strategically placed for convenient access, it’s no wonder our trailers are the top choice for countless sports events throughout Arkansas.

ARKANSAS disaster and emergency relief efforts

Bring Refreshing Comfort to Volunteers & Workers with Shower Trailer Rentals for Disaster Relief Use

During disaster and emergency relief efforts, providing essential comforts is crucial to the well-being of affected individuals. That’s where LuxLav is here to help. Obtaining a portable shower trailer rental from our company allows you to bring a practical and efficient disaster relief solution to challenging environments.

Our luxury shower trailers are designed to meet the specific needs of those affected by emergencies, humanitarian crises, and natural disasters. Equipped with single or multiple shower stalls, you can offer hot showers and a clean environment for individuals to refresh and cleanse themselves effectively when the dust settles. Private shower compartments ensure privacy and dignity during stressful and challenging times.

One of the key advantages of our portable restrooms for disaster relief is their mobility and ease of setup. Our trailers can be quickly transported to the affected area and set up fast to provide immediate access to clean showers. Designed to be self-contained, they function independently with water storage tanks and waste management systems. Therefore, they’re even convenient in locations with limited infrastructure.

Emergency Response

Bring Comfort and Normalcy To Difficult Times

Are you seeking a way to bring comfort and normalcy to difficult times? Our trailers are even equipped with changing areas, benches, and mirrors, creating a more pleasant and convenient shower experience for individuals of all ages and physical capabilities.

Disaster relief organizations can effectively address the hygiene needs of individuals in crises thanks to our trailers at LuxLav. We’re proud to offer a vital resource that promotes cleanliness and well-being and helps individuals cope when disaster strikes.

Whether it’s a temporary shelter for displaced individuals or natural disaster cleanup for volunteers, our shower trailer rentals are crucial in providing essential support and comfort during the most challenging times. Contact us today to learn more about sizes and configurations.

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Portable restroom trailers for rent are built with durability and safety in mind

This is paramount when dealing with disaster relief, as users are already stressed and overwhelmed. Our trailers are constructed of high-quality materials built to withstand challenging weather conditions and rough handling. They offer handicapped accessibility and advanced safety features such as non-slip flooring, convenient handrails, and adequate lighting to ensure the well-being of all users.

Experience VIP Comfort On the Go

Equip Your Big Day with Our Portable Restroom Trailers for Rent in Arkansas

Planning a wedding requires close attention to detail as you want every aspect of your big day to be perfect, including your restroom facilities. Our portable trailers offer the elegant, convenient solution wedding planners, brides, and grooms need to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance.

Designed to combine functionality with luxury, we’re here to help you provide an upscale restroom experience for your guest. Our restroom trailers for rent are equipped with multiple individual stalls, each featuring a flushable porcelain toilet. We also offer sinks with running hot and cold water and other amenities such as elegantly framed mirrors, stylish countertops, and ambient lighting. The interior of our trailers is thoughtfully designed with your big day in mind, including high-quality fixtures that create a clean and sophisticated restroom atmosphere.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding at a venue without facilities or getting married in an outdoor, remote location, our trailers offer an easy and convenient setup. They bring you the flexibility required to ensure your guests can access clean and comfortable restrooms throughout your event. Additionally, our bathrooms bring a superior level of privacy you can’t find with standard portable toilets. The individual stalls allow guests to feel more secure, enhancing their overall experience.

With air conditioning, heat, decorative touches, and even music systems, LuxLav adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the overall ambiance of your special day. Secure a bathroom trailer rental today and make a thoughtful choice that enhances the overall comfort and enjoyment of the most important day of your life. Contact us for more information!

municipal needs

Meet Municipal Laws and Regulations with Our Luxurious Bathroom Trailer Rentals

Our portable restrooms are not only reserved for special events and private occasions. They also offer an excellent restroom solution for your municipal needs. Whether it’s a local park, a municipal recreation center, or a high-traffic public area, our luxury mobile bathroom trailer solutions meet the needs of local residents and those driving through.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to provide a clean, convenient restroom solution in your municipal location, call us! Our trailers are designed to offer the same level of luxury and amenities as a permanent restroom facility without the hook-up access requirements. You can easily provide guests with flushable toilets, running sinks with hot and cold water, proper ventilation, and a sanitary facility to meet their needs.

Additionally, our portable trailers can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your municipal location. With ADA-compliant features, such as larger stalls, convenient handrails, and wider access points, you can ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities. The interior of our trailers can also be designed to match the aesthetics and style of your local surroundings, bringing a wow factor to your town or city.

Aside from functionality, our restrooms bring a touch of sophistication to every location. With upscale lighting, well-appointed fixtures, and tasteful designs, you can create a positive visitor experience that leaves a lasting impression and enhances your municipal reputation. Built with longevity and durability in mind, you can’t go wrong when you trust LuxLav for your restroom trailer rental needs. Contact us today to take the first step in creating a more positive community experience for your residents and visitors.

Enjoy Unparalleled Convenience

Take Advantage of Refreshing Luxury On-the-Go with a LuxLav Shower Trailer Rental

Most people don’t think about portable shower trailers until they need a comfortable and convenient place to wash up. LuxLav shower trailers make an excellent addition to any RV park or campground, offering private stalls with hot water, adjustable water pressure, and convenient temperature control. These hygienic, comfortable spaces are great for campers looking to freshen up after a long day of outdoor activities.

Designed with mobility in mind, our shower trailers are easy to transport and move to various locations within your RV park or campground to meet the demands of your visitors. They undoubtedly enhance the overall camping experience for those without access to clean and sanitary shower facilities, such as those staying in tents, truck campers, or teardrop trailers. If you want to add a touch of class and convenience to your RV park, call us today to secure your rental.

Clean and Convenient Facilities

Reserve Your Mobile Bathroom Rental Now and Bring Your Event Experience to the Next Level!

Whether it’s a wedding, construction project, sports event, or festival, our team is here to provide you with the best restroom solution! Don’t miss out on the convenience and comfort our portable restroom trailer rental options can bring to your next project or event. Secure your rental today and ensure your guests, visitors, and workers can access clean, reliable, and fully-equipped restroom facilities.

Call Us Now!

Backed by top-notch customer service and available rentals, we offer our clients peace of mind for all their portable restroom demands. Don’t wait until the last minute. Contact us now to discuss your needs, explore our range of sizes and configurations, and reserve your trailer today!

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