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Portable Hygiene Pods: An ideal solution for campgrounds, wineries, construction sites, municipalites & More

Configurable to a variety of uses: Restrooms, ADA, showers, Lactation Stations, Changing Rooms. May be direct connect to onsite plumbing systems or fitted with a waste tank and water supply.



LuxLav Interior Pod
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portable, versatile, semi-permanent and eco-friendly

Portable Hygiene Pods For Sale: The Ideal Solution for Your Sanitation Needs

If you’re in need of a portable, versatile, semi-permanent and eco-friendly restroom solution, look no further than our LuxLav portable restroom Hygiene Pods. Our prefabricated pods may be fully connected to a sanitation system, either septic or sewer system, which means they are a much more convenient, sustainable and long-lasting option compared to traditional porta potties. This can also eliminate costly servicing fees that you incur with traditional port potty solutions.  The pods may also be connected to a waste tank and water bladder for a more portable solution as well.

Our LuxLav Hygiene Pods are perfect for a wide range of uses, including:

Camping Grounds

military uses

concert venues

RV Parks



municipal parks

construction sites

governmental uses

Current Hygiene Pod Inventory

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FIrst class service

Browse Our Wide Selection of Modular Prefabricated Pods- Available for Many Uses!

Every successful business owner looks for smart ways to save money while still keeping employees happy and providing customers with first-class service. At LuxLav, we understand that every dollar counts and we work hard to ensure our customers get the most value from their investments.

We put your needs first by creating a line of prefabricated bathroom pods engineered to meet the demands of any business. Our innovative products meet the specific restroom demands of various businesses, regardless of how much traffic your restroom facility sees. We pride ourselves on offering elegant, modern restroom pods effectively designed to save you money without sacrificing a clean, private bathroom experience. Check out the rest of inventory on our all inventory page!

Never stress about your budget or having to sacrifice a positive experience due to exorbitant costs. Regardless of which options you choose; you can ensure you’ll always get the most affordable prices with LuxLav. Contact us today to find a multi-use solution for your business.

Small yet mighty, our restrooms come with various floor plans to help keep restroom traffic moving based on your specific business demands. As with our other portable facilities, each pod can be equipped with aluminum steps and railings to ensure safe entry or it can be on the ground with just one step into the pod.

Choose from our stock products, create a fully customized solution, or add customizations to get the most out of your investment. Our pods combine natural lighting with sleek, modern LEDs to create a comfortable environment that’s ADA compliant and safe. Add creative design touches like vanity mirrors, modern countertops, and matching cabinets to create an upscale experience for guests and clients.

Direct Connect to Septic or City Plumbing

Versatile Connections

Connect To A Waste Tank & Potable Water Tanks

WhY Choose OUr Pods

Benefits of a Portable Restroom Hygiene Pod

One of the key benefits of our Portable Restroom Pods is that they are easy to transport and set up. They can be transported on a trailer and placed wherever you need them. This means they are perfect for event venues, as well as for long-term installations where a traditionally constructed restroom is not desired or possible.

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Fully Transportable and Prefabricated

Another big advantage of a LuxLav portable restroom pod is their portability. Our Restroom Pods are fully transportable and prefabricated, which means they can be set into place on your property quickly and easily, therefore offering a much more flexible and cost-effective option compared to constructing permanent ground-up built facilities – just set in place and plug and play.

For transport, these pods can be loaded on a trailer and brought to a site. They can then be unloaded and set in place with a forklift or even lifted into box trucks by a Tommy Lift. Having built in flexibility means that you can easily move our pods around your property as needed, or even take them with you to different locations.

For construction projects, our pods can be lifted into place with a crane, which is ideal for mid-rise and high-rise construction projects where traditional restrooms can be difficult to access. Our pods are also compact enough to fit on man lifts, making them a great option for indoor construction projects or multi-level buildings. They can even be outfitted with 3” casters and fork lift sleeves to enable movement around on a construction site and out of the way of construction progress.

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New selection of Portable Hygiene Pods arriving daily!

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Here are some ways our modular bathrooms are healthier and safer for your business:

Our products come equipped with mounted, porcelain toilets, allowing you to easily clean in and around the most highly used part of your restroom. Add UV lights to your facility for maintenance-free sanitation.

LuxLav restroom solutions come equipped with commercial-grade air circulation capabilities. You’ll love how our facilities are just as filtered as traditional restrooms. You don’t have to worry that germs and odors will get stuck inside because air is regularly filtered throughout the facility.

There’s no need for harsh bathroom chemicals and dangerous cleaning products. Just as you do at home, you can use eco-friendly products to protect your fixtures and guests.

Our maintenance-free exteriors require little to no treatment and can easily be cleaned with soap and water. The steel exterior ensures your prefab bathroom always appears in top shape. If your facility is exposed to heavy winds and other damaging elements, you can easily power wash the exterior without worrying about damage.

Assembly line production is one of the biggest advantages of choosing a portable pod. Our team uses highly trained trade specialists to ensure your product comes together with high quality and precision fittings.

Our experts are trained to work through the details of your bathroom during the planning phase to save you the time and headaches of other stressful bathroom projects. Instead of trying to coordinate and schedule several crews and various deliveries, your pods arrive on time and ready to install.

Ready to invest in a portable facility built to create a clean and hygienic solution for your guests and employees? Contact us today to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Clean and Fresh

Improve Sanitation and Hygiene with Portable Prefab Bathrooms

Keeping a public restroom clean and fresh can be a challenge, especially with long-term rentals and porta potty solutions. That’s why we’re here to offer the perfect solution for improved sanitation and hygiene. Other portable restrooms that create a veritable banquet for germs, bacteria, and pathogens. LuxLav products are created to be cleaner and safer with little maintenance required.

Construction sites and high traffic events are already a breeding ground for germs and harmful pathogens. Let LuxLav take the stress and pressure out of keeping your next job site or event safe. Invest in a portable restroom connected directly to your local sewer system. This offers flushable toilets and sinks with running water to ensure better sanitation and cleaner facilities.

high-quality restroom experience

Since the LuxLav restroom pod is fully prefabricated, you can avoid the hassle and expense of building permanent restroom facilities from the ground up

With traditional restrooms, you may need to worry about time frames for construction, obtaining permits, connecting to a municipal sewer system, and dealing with costly construction and maintenance.

With a LuxLav Hygiene pod, you can avoid all of those headaches and still provide a high-quality restroom experience for your guests, workers, or visitors. This feature means that you can have high-quality restroom facilities up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional restroom facility. Need additional flexibility, our pods may also be connected to an external water bladder and a waste tank for even more movability.

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Superior customer service

LuxLav Modular Bathroom Pod Systems Are Engineered for Mobility, Easy Installation, and Low Maintenance

Why Trust Our Prefab Bathrooms?

Efficiency in construction makes sense! Reduce the amount of space needed for your business’s bathroom needs with our sleek and space-saving designs.

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Off-site manufacturing requires a battery of design challenges for each layout. Spreading this effort across multiple units using the same layout offers a more economical solution that standard construction. Clients choose from various options and invest in multiple units to ensure they meet facility demands at the most affordable price.

Most pods require long distance delivery. With more compact solutions, these pods make transportation more cost effective. Our economical options for delivery ensure you get your product in the most timely, affordable way.

Our modular prefabricated pods offer bathroom and shower finishes created for modern design. Choose from various options that complement your restroom usage and your business’s style. Wow your guests with sleek design that bring the look of luxury to your mobile restroom experience.

Our portable pods are weather tight to keep moisture out and protect your investment. You can trust the quality of our parts and installation. We take advantage of third-party inspection and put each product through an intensive internal quality assurance inspection before we ship to you.

Whether you need to connect directly to the sewer system or require a portable holding tank, we’re here to bring you what you need. Installation is seamless and secure. Each product comes with a detailed installation guide to help you secure tight connections that protect your pod and your property.

Each pod comes with integrated and pretested connections for your plumbing and electrical, based on your specific requirements. Domestic water piping comes pre-installed with all bathroom fixtures, ensuring easy and effective installation. Unlike other options, only a single hot/cold connection is required for your water supply. Similarly, all electrical components are wired to a single GFCI connection.

Since all shower and tub drains must be laid out early in design, it’s best to discuss all your specific requirements with our team during the planning phase. Talk to your LuxLav representative to decide which options are best for your business.

Whether you are lifting, rolling, or moving your pod, we make it easy. All products come with thorough instructions that illustrate the process of installing your pod in your specific building type. Plus, our staff is always on hand to answer your call should you have any questions. Our locked wheel system allows you to maneuver your pod on your job site and then secure the wheels for safety. No stress. No worries. Straightforward solutions that leave our customers satisfied and their restroom guests happy.

Prefab bathroom pods are the perfect option for any location. Our innovative solutions are:

  • Easily configurable to meet your individual project requirements
  • Reduce on-site construction time
  • Deliver improved quality control
  • Simple to install and can easily plug into existing structures
  • Tested and inspected prior to shipping
  • High quality and reliable
  • Eliminate punch lists
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comfortable and safe

Want to build a customized solution to your portable restroom needs?

Another key benefit of a LuxLav Portable Restroom Hygiene Pod is its ability to be fully customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a restroom or shower layout, we can create a pod that works for you. 

Our pods can even be sized and configured for ADA compliance, ensuring that everyone has access to a comfortable and safe restroom or shower experience. Additionally, the pods have the ability to be wrapped with customizable graphics, making them visually appealing and an ideal addition to any event or location.

When it comes to the interior of the pods, we’ve gone the extra mile to offer a whole host of customizations. We offer durable interior finishes, touchless toilets, dryers and sinks (are optional), LED lighting, mirrors, and easily washable finishes to create a clean luxury porta potty experience that’s hard to match.

The ventilation system in the pods ensures that the interior remains odorless, which makes for a much more pleasant restroom experience. And for those hot summer days or chilly winter nights, our Portable Restroom Pods can be equipped with air-conditioning and heating systems, making them comfortable year-round.  Want fully flushing toilets?  That is easily accommodated when connected to a direct water source and septic/sewer system.

Additional features that are available include:

  • 3” casters
  • Fork lift sleeves
  • Translucent roofs
  • 32” doors
  • UV lights to kill viruses

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wide range of purposes
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Versatile For Many Applications

Our LuxLav Hygiene Pods are also incredibly versatile. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, from providing basic restroom facilities at a construction site to creating a temporary shower area at a festival. And because the pods are transportable and easy to set up, they can be moved from one location to another as needed. This makes them a practical and cost-effective solution for any situation where a traditional restroom is not available.

Our pods can also be wrapped with customized graphics that match your branding, they can be a perfect addition to your winery’s atmosphere.

Our Portable Restroom Pods are the perfect solution for a wide range of venues and events. For example, if you’re running a winery, our pods can provide a comfortable and stylish restroom option for your guests. Unlike traditional porta potties, our pods offer a luxury experience that matches the sophistication of your establishment. And because they are fully connected to a sanitation system, they are much more sustainable and long-lasting than other options.

Luxury Finishes Available

List of Benefits:

We Think There Are Endless Possibilities

If you need have a special configuration or use in mind, give us a call to discuss and see if the new Hygiene Pod can be configured to meet your usage needs.

Advanced Mobility and Easy Installation

Add the Convenience of a Luxury Shower Facility with Our Prefab Bathroom Pod

LuxLav prefabricated bathroom pods offer private restrooms designed for advanced mobility and easy installation. Our health and hygiene solutions are incredibly versatile, easily fitting into various environments.

What makes these luxury shower facilities stand apart from other manufacturers? Providing all the modern conveniences of residential and commercial bathrooms, you can offer employees, guests, and clients a safe, convenient, and comfortable place to clean up. These mobile bathrooms connect directly to sanitation, fresh water, and electrical utility services.

Are you required to provide a mobile shower solution for your worksite? Do you want to offer mobile sanitation to guests or clients? Users enjoy the comfort and convenience of at-home or in-office facilities where traditional restrooms aren’t an option. LuxLav modular bathrooms also include HVAC, hot water, natural lighting, and modern fixtures.

Shower facilities use the same pod construction as our traditional restroom models, with different layouts for shower setup. Our experts can help you choose the best layout for your specific business needs. Contact us today to create a portable bathroom system that works!



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Mobility and Safety

Temporary Shelter Solutions with Modular Bathroom Additions

Mobility is one of the most valuable qualities of our prefab bathroom pods. These unique mobile solutions are engineered to be hoisted vertically and carried from one location to another. The built-in wheel system locks in place to ensure safety. Unlocking the wheel system allows you to easily roll your system around for versatile positioning at any location.

Although you need a temporary shelter solution, you don’t want to invest in something that won’t last. That’s why our pods are designed for easy mobility. They can fit into tight spaces for secure storage while not in use. They are also sized to fit in a man lift, so moving your pod from one job site or one location to another is possible.

Our bathroom and shower pods come with complete turnkey services. Our team manages everything from offsite manufacturing to installation guidance, with minimum business disturbance due to the ease of installation. Backed by an environmentally conscious installation process, you’ll take advantage of less packaging and faster delivery. Your bathroom will be created efficiently and fit-for-purpose. Every module is quality inspected to ensure your complete satisfaction.

wide range of venues and events

Your Ideal Solution for a Wide Range of Venues and Events

A LuxLav portable restroom Hygiene Pods is an ideal solution for a wide range of venues and events. Whether you’re running a winery, hosting a festival, or managing a construction site, our pods offer a stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly restroom option that’s hard to match. And with their portability and customization options, they offer a much more practical and cost-effective option compared to traditional restrooms. Contact us today to learn more about our portable restroom pods and how we can help meet your sanitation needs.

Our Portable Restroom Hygiene Pods offer a modern, versatile, and sustainable solution for your sanitation needs. So why settle for traditional porta potties when you can upgrade to a more durable and semi-permanent solution?  Contact LuxLav today to learn more about our Portable Restroom Pods and how we can help create the perfect solution for your needs.

Remember, our luxury porta potty options offer a much more comfortable and visually appealing experience than traditional porta potties. And with the ability to customize your pod layout, you can get exactly what you need. So whether you’re hosting an event, running a construction site, or managing a park or campground, our Portable Restroom Pods are the perfect solution for you.

Luxurious Options

LuxLav Bathroom Pods Offer Privacy and Discreet Solutions for Nursing Moms

Do you need a mobile solution offering working moms private nursing spaces? LuxLav has the perfect discrete option to ensure you remain compliant with laws and regulations and satisfy your employees.

At LuxLav, we’re dedicated to being the higher standard of portable bathrooms. Modular bathroom pods are particularly valuable for construction projects, where bathroom facilities are limited as building projects are underway. Assembled pods arrive at your job site via truck transportation. Installing plumbing and electrical systems are easy and backed by superior quality control.

Avoid costly office design and enclosures with our affordable pods. Learn more about how our portable systems can create the best solution for private nursing spaces. We’ll gather your specific requirements and offer an effective solution to ensure you get the best value for your modular bathroom pod. Call us today! We’ll schedule a free consultation to ensure you get exactly what you need for your business’s success.

Support working moms in the workplace with our private modular bathroom solutions offering the following benefits:

  • Turnkey Installation– We handle everything from inquiry to installation.
  • LED Lighting– Promote energy efficiency, warmth, and comfort with our modern lighting solutions.
  • Durability– These bathroom systems are created to last, using industrial products to ensure quality and durability.
  • Ventilation– Add a quiet ventilation to improve circulation and safety.
  • Flexibility– Pods are created to be easily moved and stored, making them a long term investment for your business.
  • ADA Accessible – Our mobile pods offer large, private spaces focused on accessibility.
  • Customizable-From compact private rooms to large lactation spaces, our prefab bathrooms can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of Prefab Bathroom

Modular Bathrooms Provide Excellent Advantages to Our Clients

Are you ready to get started on your portable pod project? Learn more about the fabulous advantages of our modular bathroom pods. Call us to schedule a free consultation with one of our mobile restroom experts. We can’t wait to hear from you! Discover why countless customers turn to LuxLav for their prefabricated bathroom solutions.

LuxLav Solutions Are Built with Industrial Aluminum and Steel Products

Why do our portable restrooms outlast the leading competitors? The answer is straightforward. We use the strongest, most durable products on the market and ensure quality control throughout the whole design and manufacturing process.  Whether you’re investing in a prefab shower facility or a portable combination trailer, our products offer amazing advantages. Discover the amazing benefits of LuxLav products:

  • Purchase a prefabricated bathroom engineered to be lifted and hoisted vertically for deployment on the most demanding projects.
  • Built-in wheel systems offer advanced mobility and convenience. Wheels lock in place for safety and security and can be easily unlocked for versatile positioning on your jobsite.
  • Invest in a pod that’s specifically designed to fit into tight spaces for smaller project needs and convenient storage.
  • Our restroom solutions can be cleaned with traditional cleaners. They don’t require many of the harsh chemicals used in other commercial bathrooms. Our wall mounted toilets allow for obstruction-free floor cleaning. You can add additional UV features to take more advanced action towards germ and bacteria removal.
  • Reduce odors and increase cleanliness by choosing a modular bathroom that connects directly to your outside sewer services. We also offer holding tanks for locations that don’t allow sewer hookups or have limited access.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our bathroom pods are quick to build with simple construction that ensures accuracy. This offers high quality results for clients across various locations. You’ll love the affordability and durability of our bathrooms and take advantage of our shorter construction timeframes.

Built for Various Weather Elements

The structural integrity of our steel frame buildings offers excellent fire and corrosion resistance. Products are also earthquake tested in full-scale simulations that ensure safety and compliance.

Flexible Design

The strength of steel enables architectural and design flexibility, providing our clients with various options that can easily be incorporated into functional and flexible designs!

Environmentally Friendly

As part of our commitment to doing our part to preserve the environment for future generations, we use steel framing. Not only do these products last longer, but they are lighter and easier to transport. Steel creates minimal raw material waste and can be fully recycled at the end of its long life!

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