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ADA Restroom Trailers: Your Guide to ADA Compliant Bathroom Rentals

ADA Restroom TrailersWhether you’re hosting a large outdoor event or need accessible facilities at a remote construction site, ADA restroom trailers from LuxLav provide the perfect solution. This guide will explain everything you need to know about renting ADA-compliant portable bathrooms.





What Makes a Restroom Trailer ADA Compliant?


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes guidelines for accessible design to accommodate individuals with disabilities. ADA portable toilets must have:

  • Wide doors (at least 32 inches) with easy-open lever handles
  • Spacious interiors (at least 60 inches in diameter) to allow wheelchair turning
  • Grab bars near the toilet for stability and transfers
  • Accessible toilets (17-19 inch height)
  • Large high-contrast signage and Braille

LuxLav’s ADA trailers meet all these requirements and more, with features like slip-resistant floors, automatic flushers, and well-lit interiors.


Benefits of Renting an ADA Restroom Trailer


ADA bathroom trailers provide critical amenities for event attendees while keeping your venue ADA-compliant. Benefits include:

  • Increased accessibility – People with disabilities can use the restroom comfortably and safely.
  • Enhanced experience – All guests have a positive experience without long wait times.
  • Peace of mind – Take the stress out of ADA compliance. LuxLav handles set-up and maintenance.
  • Flexibility – Add or reduce units as attendance fluctuates.
  • Cost-effective – No need to build permanent ADA bathrooms.


When to Buy an ADA Portable Restroom


ADA restroom trailers are required by law in certain situations:

  • For outdoor events and venues that are open to the public, ADA-compliant restrooms must be provided if portable toilets are used. The number of ADA units required is based on the total number of portable toilets at the event.
  • For permanent facilities like businesses and parks, if restrooms are available for public use, there must be ADA-accessible facilities either in the main building or in the form of portable units.
  • For construction sites where bathroom facilities are provided for workers, an ADA portable toilet must be included if there are two or more units.
  • ADA bathroom trailers may be required for certain remote work locations or areas without permanent bathroom facilities to accommodate employees with disabilities.

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) mandates that people with disabilities have equal access to public accommodations and facilities. By providing ADA-compliant trailers, event organizers and businesses ensure all attendees can use restrooms and comply with federal regulations. The specific number of ADA units needed depends on the venue’s capacity and layout.

ADA trailers work for any large gathering, including:

  • Music festivals and concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Graduations
  • Construction sites
  • Remote locations without facilities

You can even customize trailer exteriors with branding for a unique look.


FAQs About LuxLav’s ADA Bathroom Trailers


How many ADA toilets are included in each trailer?

Our standard ADA trailers contain one extra-spacious ADA stall. Larger custom trailers are also available.

What are the dimensions of your ADA portable restrooms?

The ADA stall interior is 60″ x 60″ to allow wheelchair turning. The overall exterior is approximately 8′ 6″ wide x 20′ long.

How are the trailers cleaned and serviced during an event?

Our team provides 24/7 service, with bathroom checks and cleanings every few hours. You can focus on your event while we handle the details.

Are your ADA trailers suitable for off-grid locations?

Yes! Our units have built-in freshwater tanks and wastewater storage, so they can operate without connections to plumbing or sewer systems.

How much does it cost to rent an ADA-compliant restroom trailer?

Pricing depends on the service duration, number of trailers, and customization options. Contact LuxLav for a quick quote tailored to your unique event needs!


LuxLav’s ADA + Two-Station Trailer


We recommend the ADA + Two Station trailer for large crowds, which combines an ADA toilet room with two standard stalls in a spacious 18′ trailer.

This trailer provides:

  • 10-foot ADA-accessible unisex restroom
  • Two private standard restrooms with their own sink and toilet
  • Fully compliant with ADA regulations
  • Fresh water storage and self-contained waste tank
  • Well-lit interior with heating and air conditioning

Specifically, the LuxLav BT 3-Station ADA+2 Restroom trailer has:

  • Waste Tank Capacity: 412 gallons
  • Weight: 9,440 lbs.


ADA Compliant Interior Features:


  • 60” diameter turning radius interior
  • Flush toilet with Saniflow Macerating Toilet System
  • Interior handrail system
  • 36” x 78” entry door with deck lighting
  • Lever door handle and lock
  • 60” x 60” entrance platform with handrails
  • Access ramp system
  • Paper towel and soap dispenser
  • Wall-hung porcelain lavatory with ADA-compliant mirror

Standard Interior Features:

  • Wilsonart Laminate two-tone interior walls
  • Single-piece seamless vinyl nonskid floor
  • FRP ceiling with R-13 insulation rating
  • Stainless steel or porcelain sinks
  • 12v LED lighting fixtures
  • Master keyed doors with manual occupancy indicators
  • 87” inside height
  • FRP ceiling with R19 insulation rating
  • Commercial-grade interior finishes

Standard Exterior Features:

  • Locking mechanical room for storage
  • Steel tube frame and floor joists
  • White laminated FRP exterior walls
  • TPO rubber roof with a 10-year warranty
  • Pre-finished FRP doors
  • LED deck lighting
  • Electric hydraulic lift system
  • ST225/75/R15 radial tires
  • Fresh water tank (200-gal capacity)
  • Sewer hookups and dump valve

The ADA + Two Station trailer keeps wait times short so every attendee can use the restroom comfortably. You can find the LuxLav BT 3-Station ADA+2 Restroom here, or check out all of our ADA-compliant trailers at this link.


Request a Custom Quote for Your Event


LuxLav offers quick quotes tailored to your specific venue and attendance numbers. Contact us today to get started!

ADA-compliant restrooms are critical for an inclusive, comfortable event. By purchasing ADA trailers from LuxLav, you can ensure accessibility for all attendees while simplifying logistics and operations.


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