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Introducing the<br>Luxlav RT 10-Station Public Restroom Trailer
Introducing the
Luxlav RT 10-Station Public Restroom Trailer
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Elevate your restroom services with the LuxLav RT 10-Station Restroom Trailer! When you need a greater capacity for large events, this trailer can handle the demands. High quality and durable furnishings + a beautiful decor. In Stock Now!
Introducing the<br>Luxlav RST 2-Station Restroom Trailer
Introducing the
Luxlav RST 2-Station Restroom Trailer
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Looking for a Beautiful Restroom trailer that will be a workhorse for your business at a great price? Look no further than the LuxLav FS-72. Compact, a great set of finishes and ready to ship. Get your's today and start building your business in style.
Introducing the Luxlav Bunkhouse Trailer
Introducing the Luxlav Bunkhouse Trailer
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Step into luxury on wheels with the LuxLav Bunkhouse Trailer! Whether you need temporary sleeping quarters for a remote job or for emergency response teams, LuxLav has you sleeping in comfort.
Introducing The Luxlav Hygiene Pod
Introducing The Luxlav Hygiene Pod
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LuxLav portable restroom Hygiene Pods are an ideal solution for a wide range of venues and events. Whether you're running a winery, hosting a festival, or managing a construction site, our pods offer a stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly restroom option that's hard to match.
David Hawkins
David Hawkins
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The LuxLav Sales Team at LuxLavs was extremely helpful guiding me to buy restroom trailers. The LuxLav Sales Team knows the portable restroom business and glad I have gotten to know him ver the years. He even bought me lunch at the WWET show, lol. Highly recommend LuxLav for your portable restroom
Rodrigue Colas
Rodrigue Colas
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It was great working with Lux Lav. They are very professional and responsive. We love the unit we ordered from them. Strongly recommend them!
Will McLoughlin
Will McLoughlin
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Great partner to work with. The LuxLav Sales Team and his team are always accessible, responsive and pleasant to deal with. No games, straightforward answers to questions and works hard to stay on pace with the unpredictable cadence of the business we are in. Highly recommend.
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I've been working with Jamie and Brain for over three years now. We have purchased 5 Trailers with plans for more in the future. Brain was also very helpful and effective in selling some or our used equipment. Great service, very responsive and overall great company to work with!
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Types of Trailers We Offer

Restroom Trailers

Shower Trailers

Combo Trailers

Laundry Trailers

ADA Trailers


Luxlav Pods

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New selection of Pre-owned Restroom and Shower Trailers arriving daily!

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Leader in Restroom Sales

Looking for Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale for Your Next Event?

With decades of experience servicing clients in various industries, LuxLav is a leader in VIP restroom sales. We’re here to help you find the right option for your next event. Our luxury restrooms are used at:

  • Concerts
  • Craft Fairs
  • Construction Sites
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Parks
  • Weddings
  • Municipal Events
  • Fairs
  • Film & TV Production
  • Emergency Response Sites
  • RV Parks
  • Wineries
  • Military Operations
  • Plumbing Sites
  • Non-profits
  • Churches

If you’re looking for a restroom trailer for sale, LuxLav is here to help. We provide an extensive range of luxury restrooms, bathroom trailers, and handwashing solutions to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to curate the perfect restroom solution for your needs. At LuxLav, we’re committed to being the team you can rely on for all your portable restroom needs.

Call us today to discuss your options and find the right product for your venue or event.

High-end Trailers

Create a Better Restroom Experience with High-End Restroom Trailers from LuxLav

At LuxLav, we deliver more than just restroom trailers. Founded on the idea that portable restroom experiences should be better and safer, our VIP restroom trailers are luxuriating the sanitation industry. We’re committed to providing a total restroom experience focused on comfort, efficiency.

We pride ourselves on providing superior service for our clients, guaranteeing personalized support to help you find the right trailer for your venue or event.

As a leader in toilet trailers and portable restrooms for sale, we’re proud to serve clients from various industries.

From construction sites and municipal events to wedding venues and craft fairs, we provide our clientele with clean, durable, comfortable restroom and shower trailers your guests and clients deserve. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our experienced professionals.



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wide selection of products

Find the Right Luxury Restroom Trailer for Sale with LuxLav

Are you searching for restroom trailers for sale? We have a wide selection of products at LuxLav. Whether you need a restroom with premium lighting and mirrors for your TV or film production or an ADA-accessible restroom for your entertainment venue, we’ve got the perfect fit for all your needs.

Before you start shopping through our products, you’ll need to make sure your site is suitable for safe unit placement.

level Ground



Your placement area should be level, well-lit, and accessible. You should also consider convenience when placing a portable restroom on your property.

Work with our knowledgeable customer service representatives to ensure you find the right portable restroom trailers for sale. The LuxLav team is passionate about finding our clients the right restroom experience for their needs. Our customer service is second to none and doesn’t stop when your purchase is complete. Call us today to discuss your options and find a restroom trailer to meet your requirements.

Featured Restroom Trailers


LuxLav is dedicated to providing an elevated level of care and heightened attention to detail for all orders and clients.

At LuxLav, we’re dedicated to protecting your investments and work hard to ensure you get the most out of every product you buy.

Our sales specialists will get to know your business so we can determine the products best suited for your requirements.

You’ll have an expert on hand to help you understand your options, choose the right fit for your business, and educate yourself on the ins and outs of your purchase.

After the sale, our team will answer all questions, help you with setup, and learn how to use your new restroom trailer to best suit your clients, guests, and employees.

We can even walk you through setup if you choose the direct ship options.

White Glove Service

Discover the LuxLav Advantage with Our White Glove Service

LuxLav is dedicated to providing an elevated level of care and heightened attention to detail for all orders and clients.

Our specialized white glove service is part of our unique commitment to your satisfaction. Through the whole order process, we’ll ensure you receive the highest quality products and the personalized support you deserve for peace of mind in your investment.

Elevated Restroom Experience

Explore the Advantages of Our Luxury Restroom Trailers for Sale

LuxLav offers luxury portable restrooms for sale to provide you and your guests with an elevated restroom experience. Our superior products range in size and accommodation, making them great for small and large-scale events and everything in between.

Contact us to find the perfect VIP restroom trailer for your next venue or event.

Clients love the advantages our restroom trailers offer, including the following:

  • Flushing Toilets
  • Sinks with Running Water
  • Interior and Exterior Lights
  • Vanity Lighting with Mirrors
  • Air Conditioning and Heat
  • Paper Products and Hand Soap
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Top-of-the-Line Accommodations
  • ADA Accessible

We also offer direct shipment options as needed. As part of our outstanding commitment to our customers, we’re dedicated to bringing you all the luxury you need to ensure your guests, employees, and customers are comfortable.

Don't Forget The Concentrate!

Large-scale events

Purchase A Portable Restrooms Trailers for Sale for Concerts, Fairs, and Other Entertainment Venues

Concerts, fairs, and entertainment venues require accessible restroom trailers and more extensive facilities to meet the demand. With decades of experience, our team at LuxLav is the top choice for large-scale, multi-day events with high usage volume. Our company is the premier service provider for concerts, festivals, sporting events, and production sets nationwide.

Large-scale events require larger restroom facilities, advanced cleanliness, a higher level of safety, and ADA accessible. We understand these unique requirements of high-capacity events and offer the right products to meet these demands.

Contact us today to browse through our luxury restroom trailers for sale and find suitable options for your venue demands.

Luxury Restroom Trailers for Sale

Our VIP restroom solutions offer first-class equipment and services to meet the needs of your large events.

Work with our team to take advantage of LuxLav’s superior service and state-of-the-art products. You’ll get the following:

  • Knowledgeable professionals experienced in servicing large-scale events
  • Various sizes to meet your specification requirements
  • Upgraded amenities and services
  • Interior design upgrades
  • Support services before, during, and after servicing

Work Directly with a GSA Contract Holder

LuxLav is Part of the GSA Advantage Program as Well as a GSA Contractor!

When government agencies are ready to purchase a product, they can’t simply search online to find a retailer. Our GSA contract allows us to sell to government customers. We offer pre-established pricing, terms and conditions, and other GSA contract requirements for government clients. LuxLav gets the stamp of approval government entities need to shop our products. As part of the GSA Advantage program, we are also approved as a valuable restroom trailer resource for all federal, state, and municipal entities.

Being part of this premier online marketplace ensures government clients they’ll get the quality they need to purchase within the requirements set for their agency. Whether you need a restroom trailer for your military operations or a combination trailer for FEMA disaster relief, you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve when you purchase from LuxLav.

Construction Sites

Meet Construction Site Requirements and Find the Right Portable Restroom Trailer for Sale

LuxLav serves construction clients nationwide with various portable restrooms trailer for sale. We have options for you whether you have small or large construction sites or municipal projects.

While you may not need our more luxury trailers with high-end finishes, mirrors and vanities, you still want to find an option that offers safety and cleanliness. We offer a wide range of first-class equipment and expert services to meet the demands of various construction projects.

When you purchase our construction portable trailer restrooms for sale, you get the following benefits:

  • Timely delivery with direct shipment is available
  • Quality, durable products with regular stocking of paper products and hand soap available
  • Customer service is available 7-days a week
  • Advanced industry knowledge
  • ADA accessible

We partner with the most trusted restroom trailer manufacturers to ensure our trailers meet your needs and help you meet compliance requirements. Our trailers are manufactured in the United States.

Our experts have direct experience working with the construction industry. We understand what it takes to meet OSHA requirements and recommendations and ensure your construction site is properly equipped. OSHA recommends one portable toilet for every ten workers, and we have more than enough trailers available to meet those needs.

Call us today to talk to one of our construction specialists. We’ll discuss available restroom trailers for sale and find the right restroom solutions for your project.

Our Customers Love Us

5 Star Rating

Google Reviews

Our luxury trailers offer all the advantages of interior restrooms, including:

Air Conditioning and Heat

Sinks with Running Water

Interior and Exterior Lights

Well-Lit Mirrors


Flushing Toilets

Our luxury restroom trailers for sale are perfect for outdoor wedding venues, whether you’re a wedding planner using your backyard or a local venue. Our trailers are so comfortable and convenient the guests won’t even realize they’re using a portable trailer.

Luxury Trailers for Weddings

Give Your Wedding Clients the Gift of Comfort with Luxury Portable Restrooms for Sale

Give your clients the gifts of comfort and convenience with our luxury portable toilets for weddings. LuxLav offers customized restroom experiences to ensure you can plan beautiful weddings that go off without a hitch. We offer a wide range of luxury trailers to ensure your clients and their guests are comfortable on the bride’s big day.

Create the most luxurious restroom experience for your wedding venue when you work with our wedding specialists to find the right restroom solution for your outdoor facility.

Whether they need to use the facilities or touch up their makeup at the vanity, guests will love their restroom experience when you purchase from LuxLav. Contact us to discuss your venue and find the perfect VIP restroom trailers for all your newlywed clients! 

Premier Restroom Solutions

Looking for a Better Restroom Experience for Your Parks and Municipal Events?

Parks and municipal sites require various portable restroom solutions unique to their clientele. At LuxLav, we have portable restroom trailers for sale to meet your outdoor requirements. We offer premier bathroom equipment for all your municipal and recreation demands. Our team can help you find the right restroom solutions to maintain hygienic and sanitary conditions at local parks and municipal sites.

Explore Our Portable Trailer Restrooms for Sale

When you trust LuxLav to find your trailer bathroom for sale, you’ll get the following:

  • Reliable, dedicated support from knowledgeable experts
  • Direct shipment deliveries that arrive on time
  • Ongoing support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Durable products
  • High-end finishes and various interior designs
  • A variety of sizes to choose from

Our team has direct experience providing municipalities, parks, and recreation sites with the restroom solutions they need to service visitors. Find the right parks and recs restroom solution for any venue with LuxLav. Contact us today to get started!

When you’re shopping for a restroom trailer for sale, explore the different options available at LuxLav:

Our standard portable toilets are an excellent solution for construction sites and large-scale events. While they aren’t equipped with some of the luxuries of our wedding restroom trailers, they are the perfect option for sites with less aesthetic demands.

Our ADA trailers are equipped to meet the needs of handicapped accessibility requirements. Some events and projects require a handicapped-accessible toilet available on site. All our accessible trailers come with grab bars to aid in navigation and support. These facilities are also more extensive, meeting the dimensions required to accommodate wheelchairs and other handicap needs.

All of our luxury restroom trailers for sale come with flushing toilets. This is an excellent convenience because it improves cleanliness, convenience, and comfort for users. Guests can also take advantage of a more spacious interior and hands-free flushing. 







Combination Portable Restrooms

Combination Restroom Trailers for Sale Bring You the Luxury of Restrooms and Shower Trailers

Are you looking for a VIP restroom trailer that combines restroom and shower trailers? We have the options you need. Shower trailers offer customers and employees a safe space for easy cleanup. One of the most popular uses is for decontamination from job sites, but our combination trailers have a wide variety of uses across many industries.

These combination trailers come in various sizes to accommodate all your needs. You can have as many as eight shower stations for larger projects. We also provide custom options to meet your exact specifications.

If you’re looking for a luxury restroom trailer for sale that offers both restrooms and showers, we’re here to help. Call us to discuss your options, and we’ll find the perfect trailer for you.

Perfect Trailer Bathrooms

We Offer Customer Service Before, During, and After Purchase. Contact Our Team to Find the Perfect Trailer Bathroom for Sale

Our customer service commitment is at the heart of our business. With decades of service and years of offering luxury portable restrooms for sale, we understand our customers’ needs and expectations. Our sales department provides direct experience in various business industries, allowing you to work with professionals specializing in equipping your venue or event.

Over the years, we’ve seen a growing demand for our products. To meet those demands, we’ve transformed our company to remain relevant to today’s business requirements. Our experts work with the most reliable restroom trailer manufacturers in the industry. Our partnerships bring you the highest quality products, the most affordable prices, and the fastest shipping times. All our products are manufactured here in the United States, and we offer direct shipment options when needed.

Our customer service department is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. You can call or email us, schedule a virtual meeting, or meet us on-site if you’re in the Arkansas, Texas or Indiana area. Our experts can assist you with any need, from site preparation to placement. Before, during, and after the purchasing process, we’re here to address your needs and answer your questions.

Need more information on finding a portable restroom for sale? Call us today to work with the most reliable and committed team in the luxury restroom industry!

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See Trailers in Stock or in Production

Extravagant equipment and accessories

Purchase a VIP Restroom for Your Property Today!

At LuxLav, our portable restrooms provide you, your customers, employees, and guests with a better restroom experience. We offer an extensive assortment of luxury restrooms that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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If you have a special event, you want a restroom that offers comfort and convenience. Our restrooms come with the most extravagant equipment and accessories a restroom could have. We offer luxury portable toilets for weddings, wedding venues, wedding planners, caterers, party rental companies, entrepreneurs, and wineries. When shopping for a portable restroom for these venues and clientele, you want something that also impresses your guests and customers.

Our luxury restrooms come with elevated interior packages, high-end finishes, quality paper products, upgraded countertops and vanities, and more! When you shop with LuxLav, you get top-of-the-line accommodations and state-of-the-art technology that other sanitation industry businesses don’t offer. Flush your worries away with LuxLav, the restroom solution you need for convenient and carefree results. Call us today to talk with one of our customer services specialists.

Need Help Selecting The Best Option For You?

Lean On Our Expertise and Years of Experience in the Restroom Trailer Business

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Perfect Events

Plan Your Next Event Seamlessly with Our Portable Restrooms for Sale

LuxLav offers customized restroom experiences to ensure your special event is perfect. Our experts are trained and experienced to handle every detail and ensure your complete satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of VIP bathrooms and luxury restroom trailer for sale to ensure the comfort of your employees, guests, and customers.

Our premiere trailers are specifically designed to meet the needs of high-end events. These trailers offer excellent features, materials, and restroom fixtures.

Choose from various modern interior color palettes. We also offer luxurious features such as hardwood commercial floor coverings, vanity countertops, backlit mirrors, gorgeous countertops, premium product dispensers, and more. We can also customize any of our products to ensure your event is extraordinary and worry-free.

We offer the best restroom solutions regardless of what type of event you’re planning.

Contact our team today to discuss availability and add style and luxury to your next event with our portable restrooms trailers for sale

ADA Trailer Selection

Looking for ADA Trailers? Explore Our Selection of Accessible Restroom Trailers

At LuxLav, we want everyone to feel welcome, and that’s what our ADA trailers offer. Whether your job or event site requires accessible restrooms or you wish to accommodate special guests, we offer wheelchair-accessible options. We can even mix and match trailers to create the perfect package to fit your needs.

Our fleet of handicapped-accessible portable restroom trailers for sale include ramps and larger entrances to accommodate your guests, customers, and employees. Make sure your event is accessible to all when you work with our compassionate experts at LuxLav.

Extra Special Weddings

State-of-the-Art Technology and Top-of-the-Line Accommodations for the Bride’s Big Day!

Wedding services require unique planning strategies to ensure everyone involved in planning is thrilled with the outcome of their big day. LuxLav offers a customized restroom experience that makes weddings extra special. We want you and your clients and their guests to be comfortable and worry-free on your big day. Our seasoned wedding specialists work with your venue or your wedding planner business to ensure every restroom detail is covered.

With options available in every size, find the best portable restroom trailer for sale for your business.

Luxlav Hygiene Pods
LuxLav Brand favicon

Work with Our Dedicated Team Members to Customize Our Prefabricated Bathroom Pods

We offer a wide range of top-quality bathroom pods that provide a cost effective solution to your restroom needs. Our modular pods have the look and feel of a permanent restroom structure. LuxLav can customize our products to meet your specific requirements and ensure your business gets exactly what it needs to serve your employees and customers.

If you’re looking for a portable restroom that’s compact yet comfortable, call us today. LuxLav offers a wide range of portable layouts and solutions to help your business meet local code requirements and keep your employees and customers happy. We have the perfect option for all your business requirements!

Our team guides you through every step of the designing and planning process to ensure you get the best modular building fit for your site. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, customer-driven service to bring you a modular bathroom pod that exceeds your expectations.
Why settle for unsightly, bacteria-ridden porta potties when you can invest in a modular pod that’s easy to move and install. Our products are used at corporate venues, community events, construction sites, and more! With wood cabinetry, touchless sinks, porcelain fixtures, and modern designs, you’ll be sure to impress.

Luxury Finishes Available

prefabricated bathroom pod 4.1 (1)
prefabricated bathroom pod 1.0

LuxLav bathroom pods offer excellent solutions for various needs. Our prefab bathrooms are ideal for:

Superior customer service

Discover Why LuxLav is Among the Most Valued Restroom Trailer Sanitation Consultant, Professional

LuxLav is committed to making superior customer service our top priority. We do this by using cutting-edge equipment and providing reliable, cost-effective, responsive services to clients across the country. When you shop our portable trailer restrooms for sale, you work with an established company privy to the latest industry standards and highest quality products.

Hands-on Approach to Our Clients

Our personalized customer care is what sets us apart from other businesses. Our team of experts is among the most diverse in the industry, allowing us to offer the best service to all customers. We also employ bilingual sales and service representatives for both English and Spanish-speaking clients.

At LuxLav, a hands-on approach to our clients assures you get the highest level of support and service. We focus on safety, sustainability, and satisfaction. You’ll find our unique products at large and small scale sites, commercial and residential jobs, parks and recreation sites, sports fields, government sites, emergency services, and many more! Our goal is not just to meet your expectations but to work hard to exceed them.

Contact us today to work with the team dedicated to finding you the right restroom solutions while elevating your customer experience. Shop our portable restrooms for sale.

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Nationwide Sales & Delivery



direct Shipments

Simplifying the Delivery Process for VIP Restroom Trailers

Wondering about how delivery works for our trailers? Our event specialists will work with you to organize the most suitable date and time frame for your luxury restroom delivery, with direct shipment available.

Before placement, you’ll need to ensure that working water and electricity are available. You should also pick a placement location that is large enough to accommodate your restroom trailer and on flat land. This will ensure your stairs are in a downward and secure location and there are no safety issues with your trailer.

If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service representatives. Before you buy, they will work with you on choosing the right product selection to ensure your complete satisfaction with quality and delivery. They are also available to answer any questions you have once your purchase is complete.

For more information on delivery options for our portable restrooms trailers for sale, give us a call.

Luxurious Options

Contact LuxLav Today to Secure Your VIP Restroom Trailer

LuxLav offers the most luxurious options with customization available to meet your specific needs and ensure your total satisfaction if you are looking for a trailer bathroom for sale. From outdoor venues and wedding planners to commercial bathroom remodels and individual startups, LuxLav sells to every market imaginable.

Contact us today to talk with one of our specialists and find the right trailer bathroom for sale to elevate the restroom experience at your next event, job site, or venue.

If you’re ready to find a restroom solution, we’re here to help.

FEMA Blue Logo


GSA Advantage Logo

GSA Advantage

GSA Contact Holder Logo

GSA Contract holder

LuxLav is a FEMA, GSA Advantage, and GSA Contract holder. Our sales and service representatives know our products inside and out, allowing us to serve our clients better. This gives us an advantage over other companies who simply sell whatever products are most affordable.







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Shower Trailers Available!

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All Fiberglass Exterior Shower Trailers, Combo Trailers, and Restroom Trailers Available Now!

In need of shower trailers because your area was hit by a hurricane? Small and large emergency management shower trailers are available now! Contact us to learn more!

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